Product Application


Paints and coatings

  • Visen’s emulsions are used for architectural paints and coatings as binders for AWD, PEP, exterior coatings, texture finishes, elastomeric coatings, putties, primers, etc. Visen’s emulsion range also includes thickeners and dispersing agents. Another major emulsion in this segment is opaque polymers which are used for partial Tio2 replacement and property enhancement of various coatings.


  • Visen’s emulsions are for various adhesive applications such as:i. BOPP Tape adhesive.
    ii. Wet laminations of paper board to films like BOPP, Polyester & PVC.
    iii. Stickers and labels with pressure sensitive effect.
    iv. Various packaging adhesives for hand and machine application.
    v. Pencil making                                                                                                                                                                                       vi. Other miscellaneous applications.


  • In the textile industry, Visen’s grade of emulsions find applications for:i. Fabric Finishing to impart particular feel and finish.ii. Printing paste formulations to get fast and durable prints.iii. Flocking of various flock materials to get different effects and appeal.iv. Impregnation of non-woven and woven fabric to get soft to stiff feel for using in carpets, upholstery making, etc.v. Carpet backing for lay flat feel with bouncy effect without cracking


  • In the construction business, Visen boasts of emulsions for:
  1. Cement admixture to increase flexural and compressive strength of cementitious coatings for building construction and tile fixing.
  2. Waterproofing applications, both cementitious and non-cementitious to get flexibility, liquid water barrier properties and weather resistance. These are meant for roofings, ceilings, toilet blocks, balconies, garages, etc. where water seepages are more.

iii. Formulating sealants: Societies thrive with good infrastructure, and their continued success relies on advanced solutions in the same space. Our range of polymer emulsions enables us to help you develop infrastructure and utilities that stand the test of time.

PRODUCTS  FROM      Soujanya Color P Ltd.,

Products spans from industrial paints and pigments to eco-friendly resin and polymer colorants.

Hydratint Aqueous paste is a line of water based pigment preparations suitable for in-plant tinting of water based architectural paints. The colorants are suitable for coloring water based emulsion paints, latex paints, leather products, detergents

Hydratint Eco is a line of finely dispersed VOC free, APE free pigment pastes, suitable for in-plant tinting of water based architectural paints. They consist of 17 colors with 10 organic and 7 inorganic pastes. The broad selection allows for a wide coverage of the color spectrum. The inorganic pastes based on UV-resistant inorganic pigments offer exceptional light fastness properties, extending the application of Hydratint Eco pastes to exterior façade applications.

Smartint is a line of Universal Machine Colorants for point-of-sale tinting of Architectural Paints.

Blend Solvent-free Epoxy Colorants Blend is a line of solvent free epoxy colorants which can be used for coloring epoxy coatings.

Tintol Universal Stainers are suitable for manual on-site tinting of Architectural Paints. They are formulated with a view to provide high quality, maximum product efficiency & tangible economics for achieving the desired colors. They are available in a range of 13 colors. Tintol strainers are suitable for use with water based emulsion paints, latex paints, synthetic enamels, water and oil based primers. Tintol strainers are available in standard packs of 50 ML, 100 ML & 200 ML plastic bottles which are further packed into small & master cartons. 

MyTint 1002 is a VOC free, APE free line of Universal Machine Colorants for point-of-sale tinting of VOC free or low VOC Architectural paints.

My Tint 1005 is a VOC free, APE free, line of universal machine colorants, specially designed for applications on Facades.

Ultratint colorants are specially designed to tint Polyurethane foams, Hard & soft PVC, Silicones, Cables, Flexible tubes, other elastomers.

I-Tint Industrial Colorants are Universal Industrial Colorants are a revolutionary solution for coloration of Industrial Coatings.

I-Tint Alkyd Colorants I Tint 5600 colorants are designed for use with alkyd based industrial coatings.

Blend Solvent-free Epoxy Colorants Blend is a line of solvent free epoxy colorants which can be used for coloring epoxy coatings.

Ultratint for Polyurethanes : Ultratint colorants are specially designed to tint Polyurethane foams, Hard & soft PVC, Silicones, Cables, Flexible tubes, other elastomers.

Color Composit for Composite Systems Color Composit colorants, using the latest world class technology, are specially designed for the use in FRP/ GRP, SMC, DMC and variety of resins.


Iron oxide pigment for construction

Iron Oxide Pigment For Coating And Paint

Iron oxide pigment for rubber, plastic and leather

Easy-disperse & micro-sized iron oxide pigment

Iron oxide pigment for ceramics

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