Product  Index


VISICRYL 7500 Interior/ Exterior Paints and Textured finishes
VISICRYL 8438 M Aqueous APEO and Formaldehyde Free, 50% Butyl Acrylate Copolymer Emulsion for Elastomeric Coatings, Crack fillers and water/ hydrolysis Resistant, Low Viscosity and very LOW MFFT.                                         
VISICRYL 7501 Interior /Exterior Paints and Textured finishes
 VISIVRYL 8751 Water based Road Marking Paints Solid content  50⁺/-1, Viscosity          2-8 Pts, MFF  17⁰C                 
VISICRYL 7669 Premium/ Interior Exterior Paints and Textured finishes     
VISICRYL 6358 E Medium to High PVC interior Paints Solid content  58⁺/-1, Viscosity          20-40 Pts, MFF      11⁰C                                                
VISICRYL 7796 Interior /Exterior Paints and Textured finishes with good sheen   
VISICRYL 8347 Aqueous APEO,FORMALDEHYDE & AMONIA FREE Pure Acrylic emulsion. Ultrafine particle size ,excellent UV resistance, etc, ideal for the manufacture of floor coatings, wood coatings, tile coatings, penetrative primers etc.                   
VISICRYL 7556 E 1 Aqueous APEO AND FORMALDEHYDE Acrylic acid –styrene copolymer emulsion used to produce base coats, filled  adhesives, flexible and rigid water proofing compounds ,roof coatings and additive for hydraulic binder systems and  cementitious coatings          VISIMER 4571E Economical Interior / Exterior Paints and Primers Solid content  55⁺/-1, Viscosity          15-25 Pts, MFF   13⁰C                                              
VISICRYL 7557 50 % High Viscosity Styrene Acrylic for good Quality Coatings texture Finishes, with high                                     Wet Scrub Properties.                                                   


VISICRYL 7400 Aqueous Styrene Acrylate Copolymer Emulsions Good compatibility with calcium carbonate dolomite, Silica sand etc .good for textured finishes and Surfacing compounds.                                             
VISIMER 4750 TERPOLYMER OF VAM VEOVA AND ACRYLIC 50% for superior silk finish  
VISICRYL 7040 PEO / FORMALDEHYDE free 40 % Styrene Acrylate Nano Particle Size (0.06 m) LOW VISCOSITY for Penetrating Primers to arrest efflorescence in Concrete Structures. (RECOMENDED) TRULY THE BEST. VISIMER 4955E 55 % VAM VEOVA ERPOLYMER Apeo/Formaldehyde free for INTERIOR/ EXTERIOR Textured and Surfacing compounds, With good scrub Resistance.                                 
VISICRYL 8351 PURE ACRYLIC 50% Butyl Acrylate Emulsion  Solid content  50⁺/-1, Viscosity          50-500 Pts,  MFF                 13⁰C                                                 
VISICRYL 6510 50 %VAM ACRYLATE formaldehyde, APEO, and Plasticizer free good compatibility with anionic and cationic emulsions                                      
VISICRYL 8354 CN Low Odour Premium Quality Coatings
VISICRYL 828 PURE ACRYLIC thickener, 28% for paint & coatings.     
VISICRYL  8155 E PURE ACRYLIC, 55% for premium finishes and also binder for textured finishes.                                                   VISICRYL 844 AMMONIUM POLY ACRYLATE, 22% thickener for acrylic washable distemper.    More
 VISICRYL 8054 E Premium Quality Interior / Exterior Paints with good wet dhesion. Solid content  50⁺/-1, Viscosity  50-500 Pts,  MFF   17⁰C                                               
VISICRYL 960 Rheology Modifier for water  borne coatings with good flow and leveling and Spatter Resistance Solid content  30⁺/-1,                                    
VISICRYL 8355 Pure Acrylic 55% High Sheen APEO / Formaldehyde Free mainly for Durable soft bright sheen interior Emulsion. VELVET TOUCH. VISICRYL 830 ACRYLIC , 30% low foaming dispersant        
VISICRYL 8850 All ACRYLIC surfactant stabilized 50 % pure Acrylic  hard , glossy and non tacky  film ,excellent  Alkali and heat  resistant, wet scrub resistance and stable to UV radiation             
ISICRYL 840 Aqueous APEO and Formaldehyde Free, low   Viscosity,40 % poly acrylate dispersant compatible with non ionic and cationic emulsions                                               
VISICRYL 8346 HE APEO, Ammonia and formaldehyde free, 45 % PURE ACRYLATE for high sheen paints.                                      VISICRYL OP 66 20 % tio2 replacement Opaque Polymer.               
VISICRYL 7346 Aqueous styrene Acrylate copolymer emulsion binder used to produce stiff non woven for battery separator with very good acid resistance. This can also be used as a coating binder in the manufacture of machine carpets.
VISICRYL  7002 Aqueous styrene Acrylate copolymer emulsion binder used to produce stiff non woven for battery separator with very good acid resistance. This can also be used as a coating binder in the manufacture of machine carpets.
VISICRYL 7796 Interior /Exterior Paints and Textured finishes with good sheen   
VISICRYL 8347 Aqueous APEO,FORMALDEHYDE & AMONIA FREE Pure Acrylic emulsion. Ultrafine particle size ,excellent UV resistance, etc, ideal for the manufacture of floor coatings, wood coatings, tile coatings, penetrative primers etc.                   

Read more

VISICRYL 8345HG Speciality polymers

for Gloss Paints ,Clear Coatings

Read more

VISICRYL 7251  Specality Polymers for                             Low VOC&low odor high performance styrene acrylic emulsion for interior and exterior paints   Read More
VISICRYL 7660 Specality Polymers for      An UV curable high performance emulsion for interior and exterior paint                             Read more
VISICRYL 6555 Vinyl Acrylic Emulsions for medium high PVC Interior Paints       Read More
VISICRYL 839  Acrylic Dispersants  for water based Paints & Coatings                        Read more
VISICRYL    Read More
VISICRYL             Read more
VISICRYL     Read More
VISICRYL            Read more

Paint additives


ALPHOX 200   9.5 moles ethoxylate – Wetting for water based paints.          Read More TIO2 HOSTAPERM WHITE 2310(CLARIANT) Read more 


D E G Di Ethylene Glycol – emulsifer Tylose  YP 30000 Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose  30,000 CPs Read More
Anti set 117 Anti settling for both water and solvent applications        Read More Tylose YP 100000 Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose 1,00,000 CPs     Read More                     
Antifoam 1013( NDW) Defoamer for water/solvent based applications  Read More DARREN 1200 EVA -redispersable Powder                  
Pax Gard ICP BXB (Biocide/In can preservative  Read More ELOTEX Re dispursable Powder-EVA          
PAX 99 W paste  Dry Film Preservative       Read More P V A SOLUTION 15 % poly vinyl Alcohol Solution, for Dry Distemper powder adhesive.   

Lamination Adhesives

VISICOL LM 5038 Lamination for BOPP / Polyster / PVC Films    
VISICOL LM 5048 Print Lamination          
VISICOL LM 5155 Lamination for BOPP / Polyster / PVC Films    


 Aqueous Pastes for water based Architecture Paints,Universal Machine Colorants,Universal stainers,VOC free APF free Aqueous pastes,Universal Stainers,Liquid Colorants,Solvent Free Epoxy Colorants,Colorants for Polyurethanes.



Hydratints  Hydratints Aquaeous Pastes are designed for in plant tinting of water based architectural paints … Read More  3400 Series
Hydratints Eco   VOC free,APF free Aqueous Paste…. Read More
Smart Tints  Universal Machine Colorants for Architectural Paints….Read More- 1) 1400 series     2) 1700 Series       3) 1200 Series                       
I-TINT Universal Colorants for industrial Coatings…… Read More
TINTOL Univeral Stainers for Architectural Paints…..Read More  2100 Series      View Shade Card
MY TINT      Planet Friendly VOC free,APF free Universal Machine Coloants……..Read More
BLEND      Solvent free Epoxy Colorants for floor Coatings…….Read More
COLOR COMPOSIT    Liquid Colorants for Polymer Composites   Read More
ULTRATINT   Colorants for Polyurethanes….   Read More
VIVATINT Color Perfect Software for Tinting

  Pigments (Powder Form)

Imported Iron oxide Pigments for Coating & Paints

Ferric oxide pigment owns good physical and chemical performances:
Acid resistance, alkalia resistance, light resistance and heat resistance
Temperature limitation:

Name Temperature limit
Iron oxide red 200°C
Iron oxide red 250°C
Iron oxide red 300°C
Iron oxide yellow 120°C
Iron oxide black 100°C
Iron oxide brown 130°C

Water resistance and solvent resistance: insoluble in water, all kinds of mineral oil, plant oil and organic solvents.     Read More

Mainly used in:

Cement production and architectural structural coloring: 
1.all kinds of indoor and outdoor architectural surfaces
2.all kinds of architectural materials(Outer Wall, Ceramics, Architectural field, Garden road, Road, Protective layer of architectural surface, Designer Tiles)

Paint and spraying coloring and anti-rust: 
Enamel, roasting finish, anti-rust paint, ship paint and others.

Rubber products coloring: 
Glove, insulation materials, medical machines, pipes and others.

Plastic products: 
1.thermosetting plastics
2.thermoplastic plastics

1.producing attrition flake, oil paint and others.
2. Used for iron oxide magnetic material, feed, food and pharmaceutical coloring.



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